Q. What is the Downtown Columbia Plan?

A. The Downtown Columbia Planis an amendment to the County’s General Plan. It is a framework for the revitalization of Downtown Columbia over the next 30 years. Development plans for Downtown projects in the years ahead will include details for that project such as neighborhood design guidelines, environmental restoration, public amenities and infrastructure. These development plans must adhere to the framework of the Downtown Columbia Plan as required by the zoning legislation.

Q. What are the details of the Downtown Columbia Plan?

A. Over the life of the Downtown Columbia development project, as much as 13 million square feet of retail, commercial, residential, hotel and cultural development is planned. To be accomplished in three phases, the plan calls for:

  • Up to 5,500 residential units
  • 4.3 milion square feet of commercial office space
  • 1.25 million square feet of retail space
  • 640 hotel rooms
  • Merriweather Post Pavilion redevelopment
  • Multi-model transporation system

The Downtown Columbia Plan also has sustainability features, including goals for saving water and energy, and for ecology and livability. Green technologies and building standards will be utilized.

Q. Although the Downtown Columbia Plan has been finalized, will there be any additional opportunities for public involvement?

A. Yes,  As development progresses, each specific project will be open to public discussion, review and approval through the County process. Downtown will be redeveloped in phases, with each part carefully reviewed to ensure that the goals set forth in the plan are achieved.

Q. Where do I go to see the actual text of the legislation relative to the Downtown Columbia Plan?

A. You may go to the County Council web site to view the entire legislation.